Inicio Productos Industrial Cabeza detectora DUAL PG-D A

Cabeza detectora DUAL PG-D A


Head DUAL detector for industrial use. Methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO)

Specially designed for industrial applications where there is combustion based on natural gas, preventing risks of poisoning by inhalation of Carbon Monoxide, explosions and natural gas accumulations.

It can be installed in a timely manner, or an automatic centralized security system:

Autonomously (activating sirens, valves, exhausts, etc..)
Integrating fire detection systems or existing monitored alarm (support systems resort).
With board dedicated to specific functions for the application.


  • Alarm 2 output gas (CO and CH4)
  • Grommet Mermaid (12V 300mA)
  • Fault output relay
  • Sealed aluminum enclosure
  • Simple operation / diagnostics Auto
  •   Industry Argentina / 2 years warranty
  • Long life / low maintenance
  • Japanese latest sensor technology
  • POWER 220V, 12V, or 24V
  • 3 LEDs for status



  • Boiler Rooms 
  • Parking lots, garages 
  • industrial furnaces 
  • dryers 
  • Fleet workshops 
  • industrial Processes 
  • generators 
  • incinerators 
  • etc
  • Two gases in the same team (Methane-Carbon Monoxide) 
  • Japanese long life sensor, which does not deteriorate from exposure to gas. 
  • Excellent precision and selectivity (no false alarms) 
  • Industry Argentina, local service, 2 years warranty 
  • Recognized manufacturer with 20 years experience, certified

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