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PG-210 D


Protect people and animals from  carbon monoxide poisoning, and explosion caused by natural gas leaks

IDENTIFY the presence of hazardous gases in household (CO + CH4).

ALERT through built in alarms before presenting danger.

ACTIVATES additional devices through the built-in output.

Can also trigger additional security devices such as:

  • Gas Cutting 
  • remote alarms 
  • Integrating existing systems 
  • Monitoring Systems


  • Long life, low maintenance 
  • Microprocessor, high precision. 
  • Certified by implementing rules, national and international 
  • Built-in audible alarm output for remote alarm 
  • Single warning light (Green: Normal, Yellow: CH4, Red: CO). 
  • 5 Years warranty, over 10 year life expectancy 
  • Installation kit included for inst. embedded and external. 
  • Auto Function TEST. and manual. 
  • continuous self-diagnosis 
  • Power 220V (12V and 24V versions) 
  • Ind. Argentina, Japanese sensor. 
  • Manufactured under ISO management system-9001. 
  • Acciona additional output devices via built 
  • Approved by gas distributors.
  • especifica-dual
  • Apartments, Houses 
  • weekend and holiday Cabins
  • Garages 
  • restaurants 
  • hospitals 
  • Alarm Monitoring Systems 
  • Fire detection systems

According to international standards, with abnormal concentrations of CH4 or CO, between 10 and 20 times before reaching dangerous levels, Acciona built alarms, identifying the detected gas in a clear and simple, and activating the built-in buzzer.

alarm levels

Alarm Levels Prevent Gas PG-21 D

Domestics Products

We present detectors that apply to use in homes, and protect property, people and pets from poisoning or explosion.

Industrial Products

Designed to locate the exact spot where the leak originates, can detect fuels, ammonia and freon gases.


We present in this section the detectors that apply to industries of all kinds.