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ADS-NH3 420


Specially designed for security applications with centralized systems:
New-system (with activation of sirens, valves, exhaust fans, etc..)
As heads-replacement systems from other manufacturers that use catalytic sensors, compared to which has the great advantage of Jpones sensor will not wear or exposure to poison gas, with an expected useful life exceeding 10 years and under maintenance.INDUSTRIALES

  • Output via 4-20mA support systems on the market
  • 2 levels of gas Alarm (4-20mA staggered)
  • Self Diagnostics and Fault
  • Explosion-proof aluminum enclosure
  • Simple operation / Installation
  • Argentina Industry / 1 year warranty
  • Long shelf life / low maintenance
  • Japanese latest sensor technology
  • Power supply 10 to 30V (12/24V.)
  • Check thread 1/2 “BSP
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • NH3 Compressors
  • Breeding farms
  • foodservice industry
  • Bottled drinks
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Etc.

Direct replacement of systems on the market
MOS Sensor for long life and low maintenance
Not descalibra by gas exposure
Not wearing gas exposure
No damage from exposure to high concentrations of gas.

Domestics Products

We present detectors that apply to use in homes, and protect property, people and pets from poisoning or explosion.

Industrial Products

Designed to locate the exact spot where the leak originates, can detect fuels, ammonia and freon gases.


We present in this section the detectors that apply to industries of all kinds.