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Lifetime Detection

Since 1990 we manufacture fixed and portable gas detection systems. We are leading the market: in Argentina we work with leading companies as distributors of gas, oil, utilities, agribusiness, food, installers of fire, and in turn export our products to countries in Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Our products offer long-term protection for their long service life, low maintenance, reliability and simple installation, providing a convenient low cost solution for the detection of gases and vapors. We invite you to visit our website and check for yourself the experience and technology with which we have to generate solutions for each application or customer requirement.

Meet our products by application type

Our gas detection systems are designed to alarm before dangerous concentrations range loss and enables fast and automatic actions aimed at avoiding risks. It can integrate the detection of various gases and have centralized information. The application of the detectors is in the most varied activities. Homes, cars, factories, etc., where we found that gases can present security risks. We have a specific solution for each case.

Domestics Products

We present detectors that apply to use in homes, and protect property, people and pets from poisoning or explosion.

Industrial Products

Designed to locate the exact spot where the leak originates, can detect fuels, ammonia and freon gases.


We present in this section the detectors that apply to industries of all kinds.