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    Ammonia Detector Head with 3 relay output ADS-NH3


    Specially designed for safety applications, it can form a single point solution, or an automatic centralized system:

    Autonomously (activating sirens, valves, exhausts, etc..)
    Integrating fire detection systems or existing monitored alarm (support systems resort).
    With board dedicated to specific functions for the application.

    • Characteristics
    • Applications
    • Technical specifications
    • Advantage
    • Long life / low maintenance
    • Japanese latest sensor technology
    • Food multitension 12 or 24V (10-30V)
    • Sensor extra life (not contaminated)


    • Industrial refrigeration
    • NH3 Compressors
    • Breeding farms
    • foodservice industry
    • Bottled drinks
    • Fertilizer plants
    • Chemical Industry
    • Etc.

    Descargar ficha completa

    Japanese sensor long life and low maintenance
    Not deterioration by exposure to gas
    Not wearing by exposure to gas
    No damage from exposure to high concentrations of gas.

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