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In industries, it is important to adequately disclose the extent of danger, and take quick and reliable actions. To do this, we offer high-quality equipment, prolonged duration and low maintenance gas detectors for every application.

Prevent Gas systems allow to have all the necessary actions to each situation such as:

  • Drive Sirens
  • Automatic activation of forced ventilation
  • Stop industrial processes
  • Gas Cutting
  • Power Outages
  • Remote Notices
  • Remote Monitoring
  • We also make developments according customer needs.


Existence of Combustion:
Boilers, blast furnaces, foundries, dryers, etc.. have in common the combustion. To do it, the burned fuel release harmful gases, and also in many times its dangerous itself.
Gas leakages or combustible steam (if liquid fuel), could potentially cause an explosion. In addition, the product of combustion, carbon monoxide without adequate ventilation could lead poisoning.

According to the burn element may also be toxic gases present.

Prevent Gas provides specific systems for each application, with the necessary safety functions at an appropriate cost

Cooling Systems:
Carriers, Refrigerated Foods deposits, Frozen, etc.. Ammonia (NH3) is used as an element of cold generation system.

Ammonia leaks generate:

  • Increased costs for loss of NH3
  • Increased retail coostos cooling system efficiency
  • Risks to personnel exposed
  • Reduction of production (before stops and emergencies)
  • Grave risks to assets (in high concentrations, if containment measures are not taken, the ammonia becomes explosive)

Prevent Gas provides specific systems for each application, with the necessary safety functions at an appropriate cost

Domestics Products

We present detectors that apply to use in homes, and protect property, people and pets from poisoning or explosion.

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Industrial Products

Designed to locate the exact spot where the leak originates, can detect fuels, ammonia and freon gases.

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We present in this section the detectors that apply to industries of all kinds.

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